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Why Choosing a Bail Bondsman is a Good Idea

Why Choosing a Bail Bondsman is a Good Idea

Nobody necessarily plans to end up in jail someday, but it can happen due to unfortunate or unexpected circumstances. If you do end up in jail, it’s likely you’ve heard of a bail bondsman and want to know whether that’s truly the direction you should go in this process. There are numerous reasons to use a bail bondsman if you find yourself in jail with the offer of bail. Here are five reasons hiring a bail bondsman is a good idea:

1.) Financial Leverage Bail bondsman are professionals when it comes to paying bail. They will typically pay your court a blanket bond, and leave 10-15 percent of the total bail to you depending on the charge.

2.) Reduces the Time You’re Held in Jail Hiring a bail bondsman can help you get out of jail within just 24 hours. Jail is obviously not a comfortable place to be, and you will want to get out as soon as you can. Having one of these agents will help you cut down your time in jail.

3.) Knows a Lot About Incarceration and Criminal Law Bail bondsmen are the top professionals to turn to when you are seeking the best way out of your predicament. They have a lot of legal knowledge that will help you understand your rights and limitations. They can negotiate much faster since they and the court have security agreements, getting you out quickly and smoothly.

4.) Assistance if You Were Wrongfully Arrested Having one of these agents can help you significantly if you were arrested for a crime you didn’t commit but have been charged for. They can lend a lot of advice on how to get out without a ton of complications along the way.

5.) Will Pay for You The bail bondsman is going to cover your bail, saving you the shame or embarrassment of needing to go to family or friends for financial assistance. Studies show the the majority of stress individuals feel in these situations stems from trying to find the funds to help pay someone’s bail. Especially when that bail is a huge amount. Something like $25 is not usually an issue. But finding $200,000 in a timely fashion can be a much harder task that most people can’t do.

These are the top reasons why hiring a bail bondsman is a good idea. The legal advice, experience, and financial assistance can be exactly what you and your family need to work through this. If you are looking for a bail bondsman in Tampa, Florida, contact us today!

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